About Us

What is TextFromeScreenshot?

Welcome to TextFromScreenshot! It’s an easy, ads-free tool where you can quickly extract and copy text from screenshots and images.

Why did we create TextFromeScreenshot?

We’re developers building products like pieces.app, and probably like you, we were generating, sharing and receiving tons of screenshots with text and text inside. We got tired of wasting our time retyping text inside all those images, so we built a code and text extraction feature inside our flagship Pieces.app product.

TextFromScreenshot.com is just a simple one-page app exposing the text extraction model from Pieces.app, but stripping away any need for users to create an account, login, save or anything else. Just upload your image, grab your text and get on your way.

If we detect code inside your image, give our  CodeFromScreenshot.com site a try. It's very similar, but optimized for extracted code rather than text.

How does TextFromeScreenshot work?

When you upload a screenshot or other image, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm extracts the pictured text from your screenshot.

How does TextFromeScreenshot relate to Runtime.dev and Pieces.app?

TextFromScreenshot was built using the Text from Screenshot API in Runtime.dev.

Runtime.dev is our API platform where we are pioneering Technical Language Processing APIs that detect, process, label, enrich and transform technical language.

Pieces.app is our flagship app also powered by Runtime. 100% free, Pieces is an AI-enabled assistant to save, find and re-use useful code snippets. It’s incredibly powerful, fast and deeply plugged into your code editor and browser, and, of course, it can extract code and text from screenshots 🙂